Sunday, August 30, 2015

Let's Talk About Homeschoooling

Once upon a time my sisters and I went to public school. I only went from kindergarten through second grade. Through those three years, I was exposed to things I did not need to be around. It started affecting my behavior. I was extremely disobedient to my parents and just not a nice kid. Mom and Dad knew that God was leading them to homeschool me. They did and ended up homeschooling my two sisters a couple years later. The first year of homeschooling was the hardest because we were trying to figure it all out. That first year was a killer but even so, God pulled us through and made us stronger than before.

People who say homeschoolers don't have a social life are incredibly wrong. We actually have a pretty strong social life. I see some of my friends once a week at our Bible study and we hang out other days too. They encourage me in my faith and are such a joy to be around. I can interact better with them in every day life than I would be able to in between classes if I went to "real school." That group is amazing and I love them. Our family has started going to a Life Group every other week and we absolutely love it. We eat supper, fellowship with friends, and read the Word. It's so much fun. This year, I also signed up to work on our cover school's yearbook yet another opportunity to get "out and about." I could play sports as well if I wanted to (a lot of my friends do), but it is horrifying how bad I am at sports. Most homeschoolers in general have a social life. I know, shocking. Ha! I know a lot of teens and kids who go to homeschool co-ops (I went to one for a couple of years), and their moms invite their kids' friends over during the day a lot. People have gotten it into their heads that you can't be a homeschooler and have close friends. I have no clue where they got it, but it is so wrong. We have made more friends through homeschooling than we ever did in public school. I can be socially awkward at times, but it doesn't really have anything to do with lack of social interaction. It's just me. :P

The great thing about homeschooling is being able to set my school to my academic level. When I went to public school, obviously each student had a specific grade, but some kids were either above average or below. The set grades did not help them. I struggle with math but excel at other subjects. I have to go back and repeat my Algebra I or geometry lessons sometimes to try to better understand the problems I couldn't quite grasp. I never fell behind, but I could go back and repeat things as necessary. Contrary to math, I am good at science and English. I can skim and even skip certain English lessons Mom is sure I know and focus on other things. I know of other homeschooling kids who are several grades higher in math but maybe a grade lower in another subject such as history. It really just depends on the student. The great thing is, you can adjust your schoolwork to fit what you are capable of academically. I love homeschooling.

Now, I'm not in any way saying that homeschooling is for everyone. Although, it sure has made our lives better.  Here are a few more perks of homeschooling:

-You can do school in you PJs. Who doesn't want to do that?
-You can cram several days of school in one to go on vacation.
-You and your friends can hang out during regular school hours. 
-School became more fun when I started homeschooling. Nerd alert ;)
-You don't have bullies to deal with (...except for yourself).
-To an extent, you can focus on what specific thing you want to learn.
-You can take school at your own pace.
-You can sleep a little later. 
-You are able to do school at your kitchen table instead of dragging yourself to public/private school. 
-While other kids are sitting in a classroom for 7 hours, we are outside swimming. (This is obviously after we finish our schoolwork.)
You can do school in fun places such as Starbucks, a friend's house, I did even did some of my school in my ENO (hammock) this past week. 
-Our school is in a faith based atmosphere. 

Those are just the main good things about homeschooling. There are more, but the list would be pretty long. Haha. :)

I have attached a short video from YouTube that covers seven lies about homeschooling. It's hilarious and spot-on: 

P.S. There is a part II you can watch by clicking here

In this blog post I'm not in any way trying to downgrade the value of public, private, or magnet schools. Even though we enjoy homeschooling, it is not for every family. It isn't easy and I don't know how Mom does it. Superwoman has nothing on her-she's that good. :) I hope this post has helped you see that homeschooling isn't the incredibly sheltered stereotype that many people portray it to be.


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