Thursday, September 11, 2014


I just love Christmas. I mean, who doesn't? Seriously though, from November 1st until midnight on December 25th, is what I live for/look forward to every year. My family is Christmas freaks fanatics. We all love the cheesy movies, over the top lights, amazing food, fun songs, and most of all, celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. So today, I'm going to get crazy and share something I'm calling "I like Christmas so I'm going to share my favorite things about it with you" pictures included(!!) Short(ish) and to the point. :) 

Favorite things about Christmas...

 2013: Picking out & decorating our tree. It is a tradition for us to go to a tree farm, find a tree that we love, cut it down, and then decorate it. This in itself is so much fun. Last year we had the best time. We had such a blast and we were so excited. Needless to say, it would not be the same if we did not get to pick out our own tree.

 2013: Pajamas. They have the cutest PJs out at Christmas. I know that probably sounds a little weird, but hey, it true. (And yes, I like penguin pajamas. Don't judge.)  

 2013: Sweets & treats. Oh my goodness. Part of why I love Christmas, is that there are so many excuses reasons to bake goodies. I don't know if y'all have noticed, but I have sweet teeth. Not a sweet tooth but sweet teeth-as in plural. I love sugar. This is no secret.

 2013: Teaching your aunts and uncle how to take a selfie. Every. Single. Year.

 2013: Alabama. This may or may not be relevant to what I have been/am discussing, but I love how we can wear shorts or short-sleeves in December. December, people! There are two people in the picture wearing short-sleeves and one person (yours truly) wearing shorts. I just love this. I hate being cold so Alabama is a good fit.

Charlie Brown. It is also a tradition to watch A Charlie Brown Christmas. When Linus tells Charlie Brown about the true meaning of Christmas, cue the goosebumps! ;)

 2012: Good times. We've been blessed because all we know at Christmas are good times. Laughing, singing, and talking are all things that go on around here during that time. The holidays just makes us happy. :)

Hallmark movies. I l-o-v-e the movies that Hallmark Channel's countdown to Christmas shows. They are coming out with so many new ones this year that I can hardly wait! Every year, all five of us (plus our two dogs) pile on our couches to watch the new Christmas movies. It's a tradition. I love Hallmark's year-round movies that they make as well, but nothing beats their Christmas movies. :) 

2012: Snuggling. The *only* good thing about the cold is snuggling under the covers. That is the one and only thing that I like about it. Digger demonstrates snuggling to a tee. He is totally our dog. Our other one...not so much. She refuses to have anything to do with snuggling-or blankets in general. ;)

2012: Lights. A few blocks away from our house is this man that has so many Christmas lights. We literally started calling him the man with all the Christmas lights when we were little and we have called him that all-year-round ever since. He is a neighborhood legend. Each year he adds more lights and each year, we are more astonished than the last.

Music.  I have way too many favorite Christmas songs. I love pretty much all of them. :)

2012: Family. Every Christmas Eve, my family on my Dad's side, get together. My uncle and we alternate hosting. This year, we are hosting again. :)

 Reading about Jesus' birth. Every time I read about his birth, it leaves me with goosebumps. Jesus' birth is just amazing. The King of all Kings born in a stable with common animals. Wow. Celebrating his birth is the reason for the season.

 So you've most likely figured out how absolutely crazy I am about Christmas. I might have a problem. ;) I might be too excited about Christmas now...oops. November 1st, better get here fast. By the way, I apologize for saying the word "Christmas" a gazillion times. I get excited easily. ;) What's your favorite thing about it?


  1. My family always hunts down a Christmas tree and decorates it too! I also love wrapping everyone's gifts, and then on Christmas day, watch them tear up my beautiful wrapping paper. The list of favorites could go on and on..... I love everything about Christmas! 🎄

  2. Yeah, I agree with Anna, last year all off us siblings started picking out and buying each other a Christmas present! That was one the most exciting part of Christmas last year! It's not my favorite holiday but yes, it is fun!