Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Introduction to "Fun and Feminine"

Hi Everyone!

Summer break is over now, and my school started back last Monday. I'll have to say that seventh is a step up from sixth grade. It is difficult, but I believe I'll make it through. I really enjoyed doing the "Out of This World Girl" posts. It was a blessing to me, but Madelyn asked me if I would like to keep writing, and I said, "Yes!"

 At first I wasn't sure what I wanted to specifically write about, but I did decide to do sort of a spin-off from the "Out of This World Girl" posts. Do y'all remember the "Fun and Feminine" section at the end of my other posts? Well, I decided that I would like to write "Fun and Feminine" posts for now! I will basically have a few ideas for each post. For example, maybe a crafty way to fix a t-shirt or a fun idea on hair or for your nails. Something that is fun, feminine, and modest!

I will give ideas for how we can show the love of Jesus in our actions, too, as in some thoughtful ways we can brighten someone's day. If you would like, go to one of the "Out of This World Girl" posts, scroll down closer to the bottom. This might give you an idea of what the posts might be like. Thanks for reading. I hope to share the first "Fun and Feminine" post soon!

-Anna Foster

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