Monday, July 14, 2014

#6 Out of This World Girl

Hi Everybody!
Sorry again for posting late. I have been having a great summer. What about y'all? My summer is passing by quickly. As some of you know, I'm home schooled and  my mom has already gotten a couple of school books for this coming school year. I'm not ready for school!

Today on “Out of This World Girl” we are going to take the letter 'T' to make the word 'Thoughtful'. This might be my favorite word that we've made from modesty! I'm sure that we know what thoughtful means; showing concern for the needs or feelings of others. For example, you might have a friend or family member that you know has different modesty rules than you do. You go visit them at there house wearing shorts that are shorter than they really are used to. You knew when you put you're shorts on this morning that you're friend wouldn't like how short they were, but you wore them anyway. Now, was that the considerate thing of you to do? NO!

When you go to someone's house, or even if your friend came to your house, you want to make sure what you're wearing meets their dress code. Even if you don't exactly know their rules, wear something that would obviously be modest like capris or long pants. If you wear clothes that are obviously agreeable it would be the considerate and respectful thing to do. It might also avoid uncomfortable or awkward situations.

There are things we can do to be thoughtful as well. One thing I like to do for a hobby is to make cards. Sometimes I get a card and just think of a person I want write. You might want to write an elderly person you know or someone that needs encouragement just to tell them that you love them and are thinking about them. Let us all do our best to be more thoughtful and show more respect for those around us in how we act and dress! 

Fun and Feminine

1. Put a little bit of nail polish on a tooth pick and dab 
the tooth pick on your nails to make polka-dots.It works great!


2. This idea is so cool! I hope to try it soon!
 I would think to prevent the sponge's texture staying on your nail, 
you put clear nail polish over it while it's still wet to smooth it out.
I haven't tried this yet so you may have to experiment.

Tutorial for nail art fade

Hope to post next week. Thanks for reading!
-Anna Foster

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  1. Thoughtfulness is definitely a good quality! :)
    I like the nail ideas you posted! I'm curious to see how the second one works!
    Anna and Madelyn, I nominated you for the Liebster award. Here's the link if one or both of you would like to participate: