Wednesday, July 30, 2014

A Change in Plans...

Hello again, my faithful readers!  ;) I hope you will continue to keep reading my blog after you hear my little "announcement" that I'm about to share...I guess that I should start off by saying that I'm not doing outfit posts anymore. I'm going to focus my attention on other things, such as writing, from now on. :) The name of the blog, Modesty For A Purpose will stay the same because the word "modesty" isn't just dealing with clothes. You can use modesty in the way you talk and act-among other things. Anyyywayy, I hope that you will still read even though I am no longer doing outfit posts. This is your time to shine. What I mean by that, is you can [insert] your input on what you want to read on this blog. There are no bad ideas. So, comment or email me via the "contact me" section down below on the right sidebar.


Monday, July 28, 2014

Friday Favorites | Rain, Movie, & Lattes

Hello! It's been a crazy week and it's about to get even crazier once school starts. :-/ Anyway, I have a. "Friday Favorites" post to share with you. :)

Rainy days. Yes, please. :)

Ice cream sundae! Ice cream (of course), M&Ms, chocolate syrup, and whipped cream. Sugar high.

The movie "Saving Mr. Banks." Amazing!

Digger and Sophie. Need I say more? ;)


Thanks for reading! Make sure you check out Anna's post! She did an amazing job. :) 

Saturday, July 26, 2014

#7 Out of This World Girl

The summer is almost over, and everyone is coming back home after their summer vacation. Kids are so not ready for school to start back, but cooler weather is getting closer, and I love cool weather! I've enjoyed my summer so, so much! I will definitely have to say this is the most busy summer I've ever had. But like my friend told me the other day, “busy is good!”

I have enjoyed being able to write on Madelyn's blog this spring and summer! I haven't been very good about posting on time lately, and I am sorry for that. I am sad the “Out of This World Girl” posts are almost over. You can thank my mother for coming up with the name "Out of This World Girl" for this series of posts. She got it from this scripture: "As it is, you do not belong to the world, but I have chosen you out of the world." (John 15:19)

We've had a great journey through learning ways that we can be more modest in how we express ourselves and how we dress. Just for a review....

We took the letters from the word 'modesty' to make words that will help us learn to be modest. First there was M for mindful. We need to be aware and mindful of what we say, do, and how we dress, and O for obedient. We need to be obedient to our parent's rules and what God says about modesty in the Bible. D for discernment. E for example. We want to be a good influence to our friends and set a good example. S for self-control, and T for thoughtful.

Today for letter Y the word will be youth! You're probably thinking, What?! Well, the Bible tells us that just because someone might be young, that doesn't mean that can't be a great influence.

1 Timothy 4:12
"Don't let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity."

Sometimes we might feel like we're too young or small to do something great, but we see in the verse above that's not so. David in the Bible sure proved that! I might only be twelve, but that doesn't mean I can't be an influence. I can set an example for older teens and women in how I dress and act. Let's all try to be a better example to girl young and older!

Fun and Feminine

1. This song by Christian music artist Jamie grace is called 'Every Bit Of Lovely'. It's a song telling girls that they're beautiful in God's eyes. I encourage all of you to check out her newest album 'Ready To Fly'. It's such a great and positive album. I definitely recommend it for teen girls!

 I've enjoyed writing. Thank you all for reading!
-Anna Foster

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Thoughts | Modesty


Hi! :) I have some interesting thoughts for y'all today. I have been pondering this for sometime...

Three Immodestly Dressed Women Walk into A Church...

She was beaming with excitement on this early Sunday morning. Up until just a few months ago, she would have probably been sleeping off a hangover right about now. But not today. A christian co-worker, who had befriended her this past year, was faithful in sharing the gospel with her.  

As she shared with her the heartache she had over a broken relationship, and the emptiness and fear that she had in thinking about her future, her friend told her about Jesus. The One who came to take her sin and guilt away. 

So now, here she was, a new christian herself. She knew she was forgiven. She had Jesus! She was anxious, yet excited, as she thought about going to church that morning for the very first time.

She nervously picked through the skirts and tops in her closet. She wanted to honor her new Savior, and felt a tinge of guilt as she ruffled past the pieces in her closet that she used to wear to get the attention of the guys at the bar.
She picked out what she thought was the most appropriate skirt for a church service.  It rested just a few inches above her knees. It was the longest skirt she had.  She looked at the clock and realized she was rushed for time, so she quickly threw on a pair of high heeled sandals and chose a tank top and headed out the door.

As she walked into the church with her friend, she caught the disapproving glances of a couple of women around her. Her friend introduced her to a few people…but by now it just felt awkward. Even before the service started, she was convinced she didn’t fit in.

Here she was again…another hectic Sunday morning.  Her kids were arguing in the other room and she was fighting back the tears of frustration as she attempted to put on last year’s jeans. In her weight battle…she went up another size this year. She would just have to bear with the uncomfortableness.  

She picked out a top that she felt would draw the least amount of attention to herself, and headed off to church, shamefully fumbling to hide her cleavage. On the drive there…she condemned herself again, asking herself why she couldn’t just get her act together and get those 20 pounds off.

Instead of rejoicing in the love and acceptance of her Father that morning… she spent that time in the worship service, sitting in her tight clothes, wondering what other people were thinking of her. She knew she wasn’t being purposefully immodest. But was worried other people might be looking at her like she was. 

She dreaded Sunday mornings. Her mother just had to drag her to church each week. She was almost 18. Why couldn’t her mom just let her do what she wanted? She had to admit though, that deep down, there was a part of her that was glad her mom insisted she go. There was hope in the messages she heard there.

She longed for acceptance and struggled a lot with insecurity. She didn’t realize this was one of the reasons she chose the things she did to wear. She just knew she liked the attention she got. It made her feel like she was worth something. 

One Sunday morning, an older women in the church approached her. “You know, darling, your mom should have told you, you shouldn’t be wearing outfits like that…and especially to church. It doesn’t honor the Lord. And the young men here are looking for respectable girls.”

For the next couple of months, she made it a point to hide the best she could each Sunday. She never forgot that conversation. What that woman said just reaffirmed what she always thought…she wasn’t accepted after all. She was too broken. She turned 18 a few months later, went off to college, and never returned to church again. 

When we start bringing the gospel into the subject of modesty, there is a lot to think about and a lot to say. Much more than a simple blog post can manage to tackle. ( I have a great book reference listed at the bottom of this post.)

So it is my hope that this post will simply focus on and challenge our own hearts on the judgments we make when we see someone we deem as immodestly dressed, walking into our church.

It is my hope that we will come to realize that behind each immodestly dressed woman, is a broken woman. Christian, and non-christian alike.

I can’t help but wonder what our churches would look like, if the gospel so captivated our souls…that even the most immodesty dressed woman could enter into our presence and feel accepted? 

What would happen, if we approached each other like Jesus approached the woman caught in adultery? The very first thing he told her in her sin, was that she wasn’t condemned. 

So shouldn’t the banner that is flying over our churches be, “There is no condemnation here!”?

What if, instead of being so quick to judge what we see on the outside of each other every Sunday, we actually looked at each other and saw what God was making of us on the inside…envisioning all that we will be someday on the other side of eternity?

Imagine what it would look like, to be so caught up in the grace of the the gospel, that we can celebrate and delight in each other, even in our messiness? Even in our immodesty?

What if we saw in each other what our Father in heaven sees when he looks at us? 

The bible says when he looks at us, he sees the life and death of his perfect Son.

C.S. Lewis said that if we could see each other as beautiful as we will be in heaven…we’d be tempted to worship each other.

What would our relationships look like if we had that kind of grace coursing through our veins?

This doesn’t mean that there isn’t a time and place in the confines of our relationships with one another, to call each other out on our sin. Jesus told the woman caught in adultery that she wasn’t condemned. And then he called her to obedience. 

But before we do that…  (to continue reading, click here)

I loved what she had to say. What if we are pushing people away from Christ by judging them and/or condemning them? I hope that I am not doing that. I'm not saying for you to go dress immodestly. I'm saying that we need to strive to make everyone feel accepted.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments. :)

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Blue & White Chevron

Hi! I have a new outfit post to share with y'all! :) This is a super cute dress and I loved wearing it to church a couple weeks ago. I think the color of the dress goes pretty well with dark hair. ;) The only thing that I didn't absolutely love about this dress is the belt. I am not crazy about the belt, but I have to admit that it does pulls the whole outfit together. :)

Shoes: Shoe Station

What do you think? :) Make sure you check back soon to read more posts!

Review | FitBit Flex

Hi! It's been a while. I'm so glad to be back! *smile* I hope y'all are having a great day! :) I want to tell y'all about the FitBit Flex. It's my new favorite thing. =) I love, love, love it! Can you tell that I reeeaaly love it? Haha! ;)

OK! A FitBit is this really awesome little bracelet used to track how far you walk/run everyday; how you sleep at night; how many calories you burn (this feature needs some improvement by the way); and you can manually log how much you eat and drink. You wear it 24/7 and the battery lasts for days. It is waterproof, but the only time I leave it on when I come in contact with water is when I wash my hands. After you walk your assigned steps for that day, the Fitbit vibrates to signal that you have completed your daily goal. I have come to love that sound. :) You can access your progress and the charts on your mobile device or on your computer. This product is da bomb. *grin* The only, uh, negative feature, I'd say, is that the price is on the steep side. But in my opinion, it is worth every. single. penny. 

Make sure you check out their website! Tell me in the comments if you get, or already have, the FitBit. Let me know what you think of it! 
See ya soon!

Monday, July 14, 2014

#6 Out of This World Girl

Hi Everybody!
Sorry again for posting late. I have been having a great summer. What about y'all? My summer is passing by quickly. As some of you know, I'm home schooled and  my mom has already gotten a couple of school books for this coming school year. I'm not ready for school!

Today on “Out of This World Girl” we are going to take the letter 'T' to make the word 'Thoughtful'. This might be my favorite word that we've made from modesty! I'm sure that we know what thoughtful means; showing concern for the needs or feelings of others. For example, you might have a friend or family member that you know has different modesty rules than you do. You go visit them at there house wearing shorts that are shorter than they really are used to. You knew when you put you're shorts on this morning that you're friend wouldn't like how short they were, but you wore them anyway. Now, was that the considerate thing of you to do? NO!

When you go to someone's house, or even if your friend came to your house, you want to make sure what you're wearing meets their dress code. Even if you don't exactly know their rules, wear something that would obviously be modest like capris or long pants. If you wear clothes that are obviously agreeable it would be the considerate and respectful thing to do. It might also avoid uncomfortable or awkward situations.

There are things we can do to be thoughtful as well. One thing I like to do for a hobby is to make cards. Sometimes I get a card and just think of a person I want write. You might want to write an elderly person you know or someone that needs encouragement just to tell them that you love them and are thinking about them. Let us all do our best to be more thoughtful and show more respect for those around us in how we act and dress! 

Fun and Feminine

1. Put a little bit of nail polish on a tooth pick and dab 
the tooth pick on your nails to make polka-dots.It works great!


2. This idea is so cool! I hope to try it soon!
 I would think to prevent the sponge's texture staying on your nail, 
you put clear nail polish over it while it's still wet to smooth it out.
I haven't tried this yet so you may have to experiment.

Tutorial for nail art fade

Hope to post next week. Thanks for reading!
-Anna Foster

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Friday Favorites | Friends, Hearts, and Paint

Hello again! I'm back to write another Friday Favorites post. :) I'll jump right in. 

My favorite things this week are...

1. This adorable blackberry pie my cousin made. I love the little hearts on top! ;)

2. Swimming with friends. Even if there aren't any people in the picture, I promise we were in that pool five minutes before I took it. :P

3. My paint color in my room at our new house. I am so happy with the color I chose. 

4. Mexican food. We met one of Mom's friends at a Mexican restaurant last week. I love their cheese quesadillas. My mouth is watering just thinking about it! Haha! :)

5. Starbucks. The double chocolatey chip frappuccino is a favorite. 

And yes, I realize that over half of these pictures are of food or a beverage. But I can't help it. Food is a favorite. That's a given. :P 

Have a fantastic weekend! *smile*

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Review | The Overall Company

Hey y'all! I went to this cute little coffee shop with some friends this past week and I'd thought that I would tell y'all about it. :) The coffee shop is in Opelika, Alabama and it's called the Overall Company due to the fact that it was originally an overall factory. The interior was  adorable, the coffee was the bomb, and to top it all off, they make/sell Popsicles. These Popsicles are artisan Popsicles. They come in a variety of favors (Cookies 'n creme, key lime, spicy chocolate, salty Carmel, I think, and plain ol' chocolate, etc. I may or may not have gotten the names wrong...haha) I didn't snap too many pictures because I didn't want to look like a random please note I only took a few of the pictures I'm showing below. I got the rest on the Overall Company's Instagram. 

The upstairs balcony...

What I tried:

Coffee: Vanilla Frapuccino
Popsicles: Cookies 'n Creme Popsicle dipped in chocolate and rainbow sprinkles.

I loved what I got. Next time I get a Cookies 'n Creme Popsicle, I'll keep the chocolate but hold the sprinkles. As for the Frapuccino, it was perfection. Of course I'm a bit biased because I absolutely love Frapuccinos but my friend got the same thing and she loved it too. ;) Check out their website here for more information on prices, food, drinks, etc. Next time you're near Auburn, head over to Opelika and check it out. :) It's great. I haven't even mentioned the color room upstairs! I bet you're wondering what that is...go to their website (or go to the actual shop) to find out! :P We will definitely be going back-soon I hope! :)

See ya soon!

A Cool Dress Design...

Hello! It's been a crazy summer. I'm sad it's almost over though. This is the first of three (maybe more) posts  I'll write this week. Of course I will start off with an outfit post. :) I wore this dress to church and I really liked how it looked and how comfortable it was. It was the perfect length. :) 

 I think the designs on the dress are cool. ;)


Thank you for reading! I'll post more a little later. :)

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Instagram Challnge | Week Four

Oh my goodness, y'all! I did not realize that I haven't published this. I thought I has Monday! My apologies!! It's the last week of the Instagram Challenge. :( I have had so much fun doing this! I can not believe June is over!! Summer is going way too fast. Click here to read week one, here to read week two, and here to read week three. 

June 22nd (Create): We created memories at my little sister's and my family birthday party we had with my grandmother, aunts, and uncle. :)

June 23rd (Enjoy): I'm re-reading the Percy Jackson series. This is definitely something I enjoy. ;) 

June 24th (Yellow): We are finally painting at the new house! This is the shirt Mom wears to paint in. ;)

June 25th (One): I just finished one amazing book! :)

June 26th (Kids): I got to babysit one amazing kid today. Love him so much! <3

June 27th (Thoughts): "If one could run without getting tired, I don't think one would often want to do anything else." {C.S. Lewis} Man, I love this guy. ;)

June 28th (Ball): 60 days until football!! :D

June 29th (Hobby): Reading. Especially on rainy afternoons. ;)

June 30th (Free Choice): It's been fun June but hello July! So sad this is the last day of the InstaChallemge. :/

I hope you enjoyed this challenge as much as I have! :)