Sunday, June 29, 2014

Natural Colors + Peach

Hello! *grin* I have been pretty bad about blogging lately and I apologize.  Life has just been getting in the way. Before I "introduce" my outfit to you, I want to tell you about Anna's new post. It was written wonderfully, as usual. For the past few months she has been taking the letters of the word Modesty and coming up with new words. (For example, this weeks letter was "S" so Anna talked about self -control.) Be sure to check out her posts by clicking here. 

The introduction: I am super excited to show you this outfit. :) Mom had put this dress in my sisters' closet years ago and we "re-discovered" it last week. Naturally, I wanted to wear this. A cute white dress paired with a peach cardigan and brown shoes. I reeeeally like this combo. Can you tell?

The dress with the sweater off...

The dress with the sweater on. 
Dress: ??
Sweater: Belk
Shoes: Shoe Station

Personally, I like the dress with the sweater on because it brightens up natural colors. :) Three tones in one!

I have some ideas for some new blog posts so be on the lookout! It's nothing dramatic, but it'll definitely be worth the read. If you have any ideas (drastic or not) be sure to tell me in the comments and I will do my best to incorperate your ideas into my upcoming posts. Check back Monday (the 30th) for Week Four of my Instagram Challenge.

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