Sunday, June 22, 2014

Instagram Challenge | Week Three

Another week of the Instagram Challenge is complete! One more week left. :/ June is flying by way too fast. Click here to read week one (which also includes the directions of the challenge) and click here to read week two. :) 

June 15-21

June 15th (Sky): What can be more beautiful and meaningful than swinging and admiring God's creation?! 

{On a side note, June 15th was Father's Day so...happy Father's Day to the best Dad there is! He changed my diaper (hehe), makes us laugh, and is one of the best grillers there is. Happy Fathers Day! *smile*}

June 16th (School's Out): Mom and I are so happy about school being out that we took selfies. ;)

June 17th (Refreshment) *Nothing* beats a good Coca-Cola. :)

June 18th (Adventure): No adventures today but I do have a Flappy Bird! Can that count as an adventure? Haha ;)

June 19th (Nature): Eating lunch & swimming with some friends all while listening to the sounds of nature. Priceless. 

June 20th (Together): Watching the Waltons with the family makes me happy. :)

June 21rst (Dreaming): I know I'm posting a lot of pool pictures but here's another one anyway. :P I've been dreaming about books so much lately I couldn't resist reading one in the pool today.

Which picture/day did you like best? ;) Check back next week to see the final week of the challenge.


  1. Your reading by the pool picture looks so relaxing. :) What book is it?

    1. Yes! I was reading the Hardy Boys. :) I read them and Nancy Drew a couple years ago. I have some of the books and thought it would be fun to re-read some of them. :)