Saturday, June 7, 2014

Instagram Challenge | Week One

Hi! This month I'm doing an Instagram Challenge. :) Every week on Saturday, I'll blog about the  pictures I posted on Instagram over the past week. (For example: This week I'm post the pictures I took everyday from June 1-7.)

Here's the list of pictures I'll be posting! You can follow the blog on Instagram @modestyforapurpose and the host of this challenge @heduaonline.

June 1-7

June 1st (Weather) Caption: It's a beautiful day today! 

June 2nd (Frolic) Caption: My little sweeties. The dog on the left loves to play but the one on the right...the picture tells all. :P #oldman

June 3rd (Treat) Caption: Chocolate chip cookies! My favorite. #yum (Not the best picture though)

June 4th (Friends) Caption: We didn't hangout with anyone today but here's a picture we took of our great friends a couple months ago. 

June 5th (Play) Caption: We stayed in here most of the day. :)

 June 6th (Imagination) Caption: Imagine where you would wear this awesome hat... 

June 7th (Destination) Caption: My destination today on our run was getting to the top of multiple hills including this one. Yikes.

So there you have it. Week one of the Instagram Challenge is complete. :) If you're on Instagram, and you want to join the challenge, use  the hashtag #heduasummer. Check back next week to see week two!