Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Sunny Day in Semi-Chevron

Hey y'all! I have a really fun dress to show you today. It was *super* sunny when I took these pictures so I'm squinting in a lot of them. ;) 

So, this is a purple and pink "semi-chevron" dress with a black belt. I was a bit unsure about this dress at first, but now I adore the style of it. :) 

Dress: Cato
Shoes: Shoe Station

This is the lovely nail polish I used to paint my toenails. I love the color and it went well with the dress. 

I just realized I have been posting a lot for the past few days! I have three more posts to do this week for the One a Button Down Blog Event. After that, I'll probably only post once or twice a week. :) What did y'all think about this outfit?