Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Announcements | Sister In Spring

Happy Tuesday, y'all! I hope your week has been off to a good start. I have a few announcements but first, I'll show you some pictures of my impromptu photo shoot I had with one of my little sisters. 

It has been very warm here today so of course she wore shorts. To go with the shorts, we added a spring-y top that had lots of flowers on it. She looks so cute! ;)

Top: Belk
Shorts: Walmart
Shoes: Shoe Station
All in all, this was an inexpensive outfit. 

It's time for the announcements. :-) A week or so ago, my friend, Anna Foster, guest blogged. We are excited to announce that she is going to be a permanent writer. She's planning on writing every other Thursday starting next Thursday. (April 10th) Stay tuned for more information about the topics she'll talk about. I can't give too much away right now, but I'll tell you this: it's going to be good. =) Anna has her own personal blog called Ising4Cupcakes. Don't you love the name?! (Go to her blog here.)

Now, for my next announcement. Modesty For A Purpose has an Instagram! Definitely go check it out. I've only posted a few things but you can be sure I will post more. (@modestyforapurpose) 

Last announcement! This Thursday through Saturday (April 3-5th), I will be participating in One Button Down Blog Event. You wear one button-down shirt for three days, styling it differently each day and I post the pictures of it on my blog. Check out the instructions here. I will most likely be participating in this event so be sure to check back here Thursday. :D

Here's a picture of the shirt I'll be styling.

Thanks for reading! Be sure to check out Modesty For A Purpose on Instagram and look on my blog tomorrow for another post.
Also, spread the word about this blog! ;)

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  1. Yay! I can't wait to read some more of your posts Anna!