Wednesday, March 26, 2014

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I've made a new blog!  On An Apron Full of Apples, my good friend Julie Anne and I had a series called "What We Wore." We did this for the month of February, but now, we're planning on doing different series. I missed blogging about modesty so much, I've decided to have my own modesty blog called Modesty For A Purpose. I will either post every Wednesday or every other just depends on how it goes. I named it Modesty For A Purpose because we are supposed to dress modestly with a purpose--the purpose to please God! I plan to blog about everything (church clothes, casual clothes, nails, hair, shoes, etc. so stay tuned!) I also plan to to share a few things about modesty and I will have guest bloggers from time to time as well. If you have any suggestions or anything you want me to blog about, let me know. You can either comment on my blog, text me on hangouts, or email me. :-) This is an outfit I wore last night for my sister's birthday dinner.

My other sister insisted I post this picture...

Skirt: Cato
Blue Jean Jacket: Cato
Shirt: Kohls

I got this outfit for a reasonable price. Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for my friend, Anna's post.

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